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Dec 4, 2012 4:00pm PST
at the ports in long beach. that brought operations there to a screeching halt and shut down major passage of goods from asia. both sides agreed to a federal mediator. as far as i understand almost half of all the cargo arriving in america comes into those ports. it must be a logjam of goods into the country. >> we are talking more than a billion dollars worth of programming trudy's ports every single day. what this is all about is about job security and outsourcing of jobs to other parts of the u.s., china and taiwan. the relatively small clerical workers' union fear their jobs are at risk. they are union back jobs and well-paid. they have been supported by members of a sister union. the effect is to bring the sprawling complex to a standstill. it accounts for more than one- third of the imports into the united states. >> if i am a small business woman in ohio, why should i worry about this strike? >> quite simply, the fear is is if this is allowed to carry on, there will be a shortage of goods and a hold up of the vessels that are languishing behind me. they are just hanging around and n
Dec 25, 2012 4:00pm PST
from its oil fields to a port on the pacific coast. the siberia pacific ocean pipeline links oil fields near tishet to the port of kosmino near the chinese border. it will reduce its dependence on the european market. president michael putnam said it will -- wladimir putin says it will be a boost to the economy. >> in sports, pakistan has beaten india by five wickets. a huge operation in place for the match. the pab santana team is touring independent yay for the first time in five years. 5,000 security personnel were deployed for the game. bomb squad officers carrying out inspections in and around the area. the government is going to issue a record 3,000 visas. it is the first since the human attacks in 2008. in india the funeral has taken place of a police officer killed in a protest in delhi over the weekend. much of the capital is locked down after demonstrations after the violent rape of a student last week. here is our report. >> a send-off with full state honors for an officer of almost 30 years service. two days after being injured while policing clashes in central delhi, he die
Dec 18, 2012 4:00pm PST
years ago that britain's largest port of anglo- saxon metalwork was found in a field and staff for chyron. they found -- in staffordshire. they found 19 more pieces. jeremy could have a look. >> anglo-saxon treasurer, 90 artifacts dating back some 1400 years. just the latest fine from a location where the huge staffordshire hall was unearthed in three years ago. but why was so much a valuable stuff. in a field near warsaw? -- buried in a field near warsaw? to one theory is someone under threat had to leave town in a hurry. >> you rode away from your house and found a nice, quiet place, a place that you can remember and you come back for it. >> but they never did. >> no. >> the original, finding included 3900 mainly gold and silver items, up 3.3 million pounds worth. experts thought they had recovered everything. it turns out they had missed a bit. the theory at behind why some of the treasure was met -- was left in the ground was that was buried so deep that it was beyond the range of metal detectors. what has changed now that the crown has recently been proud -- been plowed, b
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)